Your Breathing

You will find that being in a sauna, your breathing slows, your airways relax, and you feel more able to breathe. People who suffer from asthma and respiratory diseases, may find relief whilst in a sauna. Skin problems are eased, too, often. The switching from the dry heat to the wet cold and back has many health benefits.

YOur Joints and muscles

The increased blood circulation, encouraged by switching from cold to hot and back again, can help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement and ease arthritic pain. 

You relax

Overall, being off-grid and away from screens – even watches and clocks – and through the slowing down of breathing and muscle relaxation, heart rate reduces, and the mind relaxes. Sauna users let go of stress and find themselves more able to process complex thoughts. 

Fun, Enjoyment and Creativity

Saunas are great places for conversation. They are great social places for opening-up creativity and developing ideas.