About Elie Seaside Sauna

Perched on the dunes at Elie Harbour, in The East Neuk of Fife, Elie Seaside Sauna provides a restful escape from the stresses and strains of the digital world. Angled towards the setting sun, its full-length, heat-tempered, glass side overlooks the marram grass of the dunes, out, over Woodhaven Bay, to Elie Beach and the cliffs beyond. 

Inside the sauna, the sauna user is free from distractions. The only screens are what is framed by this glass window, itself. In the sauna time passes gently and conversation flows. 

A pleace to relax and more…

Elie Seaside Sauna was born out of Elie’s sea-swimming community and was inspired by the mobile sauna movement of Scotland’s Nordic neighbours, re-establishing what was a long interconnection, between the two cultures. Elie Seaside Sauna is playing its part in re-asserting these connections, whilst enabling sauna users to enjoy a sense of physical and mental freedom, in the natural environment of the Scottish seaside. It is a place to process thoughts, to relax, find peace, tranquillity and an enjoyment of life.

Heated by a woodburning stove, to temperatures between 70- and 100-degrees C., Elie Seaside Sauna is completely off-grid. Users can book an hour’s session, or longer, either as an individual, or as a group. Sauna users are advised to switch from hot, to cold, every 10, to 15 minutes, enabling their bodies to cool down, in between, with the aid of a plunge in the cool waters of Elie Harbour, if they choose. Through this process, sauna users start to experience the benefits of this liberating environment.

Things you will notice using a sauna

Your Breathing

You will find that being in a sauna, your breathing slows, your airways relax, and you feel more able to breathe. People who suffer from asthma and respiratory diseases, may find relief whilst in a sauna. 

YOur Joints and muscles

The increased blood circulation, encouraged by switching from cold to hot and back again, can help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement and ease arthritic pain. 

You relax

Overall, being off-grid and away from screens – even watches and clocks – and through the slowing down of breathing and muscle relaxation, heart rate reduces, and the mind relaxes. Sauna users let go of stress and find themselves more able to process complex thoughts. 

Saunas are social places. They are great places for conversation, for opening-up creativity and developing ideas. Places to spend time relaxing with friends and family. With the reduction in stress, sauna users find themselves more able to enjoy life. They feel their mental health improve, and their creativity and self-confidence boosted.

The sauna is in a converted horse trailer. Built by specialist sauna builders, Wild Refuge Ltd, from heat-treated Aspen. It seats 6-8 people. An individual can book a seat, or a group can book-out the whole sauna, by the hour.

Those that book the sauna are requested to arrive at Elie Harbour, on foot, or by bicycle, where possible and leave the car somewhere else, as there is extremely limited parking and difficult vehicle access, during the summer months. Sauna users are requested to bring their own towels; one to sit on, another to use to dry themselves and their own water bottle. There are taps nearby to fill bottles. The sauna is sited near a public toilet block that sauna users can use to change in, if needs be.

Please book online, or contact Elie Seaside Saunas, for private bookings, using the contact us form.