Please do not wear metal jewellery and avoid metal swimwear fastenings. These can get hot and uncomfortable.

All children between 12 and 18, are allowed. However, they must be accompanied by an adult and children must not be left in the sauna unaccompanied, by an adult, at any point. 

Alcohol and saunas do not mix. Management will refuse entry to anyone with appears to be under the influence of drugs, or alcohol. 

Elie Seaside Sauna operates a zero-tolerance policy to anti-social behaviour. We expect sauna users to respect the sauna, the environment and other sauna users. Anyone deemed by the management to be behaving in an antisocial manner will be asked to leave.

Getting Here/Directions

Elie Seaside Sauna respectfully asks those booked for a sauna session to arrive on foot, or by bicycle, if possible. Parking, at Elie Harbour is extremely limited and access by motorised vehicle difficult, during the summer months.

If arriving by car, please give yourself a significant amount of time to find a parking space.


To maximise health benefits 

HYDRATE: Drink plenty of water before, during and after your sauna session.

SIT ON A TOWEL: Bring a towel and sit on it. Avoid sitting on the bench, directly.

HEAT-UP: Start to relax where you feel most comfortable, on the upper, or lower bench. Sauna temperatures should be between 70 – 100 degrees. Allow yourself 10, to 15 minutes to heat-up.

COOL DOWN: Exit the sauna when the thought of running into the sea is about the best idea you’ve ever heard of.  Listen to your core, not your skin. Enjoy some fresh air, or you could try a cold plunge, ‘bucket shower’, or swim, until your body is completely cooled.

REPEAT: After a complete cool down, heart rate and blood pressure are most often lower than baseline. This is a great time to consider entering the sauna room to enjoy another 10, to 15 minute, round.

STEAM: Add some water to the stones. Steam is a beneficial addition to the sauna. It aids the process of relaxation and an overall sense of cleansing.

EAT, RELAX AND FEEL THE BENEFITS: Try not to eat a couple hours before a sauna session. Avoid consuming alcohol before and be careful with it, after. After your sauna session, enjoy some food and beverage of choice and tell someone how good you feel!

What to bring

We recommend bringing the following:




WATER bottle


Beach Shoes


Bath/Changing robe (optional)


2 Towels (one for sauna benches and one for drying)